Offers Terms & Conditions

DealPeak Gold Hotel Offer Terms:

  1. Enrollment: Welcome to the DealPeak Gold Hotel Program! We’re delighted you chose us.
  2. Billing: Your initial and any subsequent payments will be processed using the details you shared during checkout. Opting for a trial? We’ll bill you the agreed fee for that duration. After the trial concludes, we’ll automatically renew your membership either monthly or annually, as per your selection at checkout.
  3. Trial & Refunds: Some members may be eligible for a trial or a money-back guarantee. If you wish to cancel during this time, please refer to the terms shared upon enrollment. To cancel, log into your member center at and follow the online cancellation steps. You can also contact our call center within its operational hours. A cancellation is official only after you get a unique cancellation or ticket number from us. Once the trial or money-back guarantee expires, though you can halt future billings by canceling, earlier payments will not be refunded.
  4. Commitment: Unless you notify us during the trial or Money Back Guarantee period, we’ll consider that you’ve opted to continue with DealPeak Gold. Following the trial or Money Back Guarantee phase, we’ll interpret it as your approval to move forward and will bill you based on your chosen plan and payment method.
  5. Exclusive Offers: Received a Premium Item or Free Gift? These perks are exclusive for our Program Members. If you opt to keep them, the terms set by their respective suppliers will apply. If you cancel your membership, DealPeak may retain the premium item or gift. Rest assured, there won’t be any additional charges.
  6. Membership Agreement: By enrolling, you’re acknowledging and agreeing to DealPeakā€™s Membership Terms. These terms may be updated occasionally. You’ll find the current version in your membership kit and it’s always accessible at
  7. Personal Information: By providing your information, you’re affirming your comprehension and acceptance of this offer.

Thank you for joining us! We’re thrilled to have you as our newest member!